Unbeknownst to most homeowners, there are several ways that animals can find an entrance to your home. Once inside they seek a place to nest and hide. Often, this results in animals getting stuck in places they don’t belong, leaving you with unidentifiable noises in your wall. As frustrating as it may be to hear these sounds, it is crucial to understand the cause of them to provide proper removal. Here are some common animals that make noises in your wall:

  • Bats: Nocturnal animals frequently look for dark places when inside a home for nesting purposes. A colony of bats will normally flock to your attic and from there have access to getting inside your walls where they inadvertently can trap themselves. A scratching high up in your walls is indicative of bat infestation. Caution is recommended as they will try to bite and scratch their way to freedom.
  • Squirrels: Often found using your insulation for nesting, squirrels can be destructive in a home. Quick scampering through the walls along with rough gnawing sounds are indicative of squirrels. With a need to maintain their teeth squirrels chew on the wood in your home’s structure and therefore require removal immediately.
  • Rats: Loud and heavy scampering is a dead giveaway of rats in the home. Like bats, rats are also nocturnal and therefore prefer the dark which leads them to the insides of your walls. Rats also chew on things to maintain their teeth and will gnaw at wiring which is dangerous for both your home and the rat. Along with their capabilities of spreading disease, rats have no place in your home and should be removed at first sign.

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Animals in your home pose several problems from the risk of physical harm to yourself and the animal to the damage done within your walls. Every infestation is handled differently so reading the signs to understand what is in your home is the first step. These problems should always be handled by a professional, and at Critter Control® of Cape Cod, we understand how to effectively and safely assist you in the removal of unwanted animals in the home. Call us today for a fast phone estimate at 508-690-0076.

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