Debris or fresh droppings, a musty or foul smell, untraceable scratching noises in the ceiling or walls of your home – these are all telltale signs of a possible rat infestation. That’s bad news for home owners, not only for the destruction rats can cause as they forage for food and build nests, but because the diseases they carry can endanger your family.

Home Remedies

Getting rid of rats is an age-old problem that homeowners in the Cape Cod area battle with constantly. You can readily buy traps or poisons at any hardware store, but these methods pose their own hazards and may still leave you with carcasses to clean up. There are a number of non-toxic and natural remedies, including the dispersal of peppermint oil, ammonia, or pepper in areas where rats congregate or along the routes they travel, which may displace them but likely won’t remove them entirely. These remedies can be hit or miss as rats are skilled at adapting and may just work around the substances they find noxious.

Getting rid of rats is one thing, ensuring that they don’t return to your home should also be a priority. Entry points need to be identified and sealed. This can be challenging to the average homeowner because the holes in your structure are not always obvious. Entry and exit openings can be hidden within walls or foundations, and can even be smaller than an inch.

Contact Your Local Professionals

If you suspect that you have rats on your property, do-it-yourself solutions may not be as effective as you think. Your best line of defense is hiring a professional who knows what signs to look for, where entry points may be located, and what actions these evasive critters may take. The expert technicians at Critter Control of Cape Cod will solve your rat infestation problem, clean up the mess, and ensure these critters do not return.

Our removal technicians will quickly and humanely remove the animals, while minimizing your household’s exposure to disease and bites. Contact us today at 508.690.0076 to schedule an appointment to get rid of the rats in your home.

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