A common question when it comes to animals in the attic is always “How much will this cost me?” but the fact of the matter is that there is no general fee that can be applied. Every situation is different which is why we handle the removal of animals from the attic on a case-by-case basis. Here are some considerations that affect the cost of removal:

Squirrels – Common invaders of the attic traps are used to remove squirrels. The traps allow for a safe and humane removal without harming the squirrels. Additionally, squirrels do a considerable amount of harm to insulation. Therefore it will most likely need to be replaced.

Bats – Though they mean no harm, if threatened, bats resort to biting and scratching. The potential of these physical attacks must be accounted for when removing them as they carry disease and protection is a must. Colonies of bats can result in large quantities of droppings collected in the attic which must be cleaned thoroughly to avoid foul odors and sickening fungal spores from spreading.

Skunks – Due to not only their awful scent that they leave behind but also the fact that they can spray it up to 10 feet, skunks must be handled very delicately to avoid significant damage. If shot into your eyes even temporary blindness can occur.  Traps are effective for removal and prevention services are also offered to seal up any entrance a skunk may use in the future.

Critter Control® Can Help

Animals in your attic pose a significant risk to you and your home, but with the proper measures taken, are safely and humanely removed. Critter Control® of Cape Cod can help you with such a removal and then provide preventative safeguards to avoid future animal infestation. Every situation is different, but you can call us today and get a fast phone estimate at 508-760-0404.

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