Rats are always a danger when they invade your attic, and often you won’t even know they’re up there. Let Critter Control® Cape Cod be your resource for information on these pesky attic critters, how they get in there, and why you need a professional’s help to get them out.

Sneaky Critters

Commonly, rats enter your attic through access points on your roof, or near the attic, including vent screens, and small openings in your roof ridge caps and corner junctions.

Rats can also squeeze through ground level entry points, like holes or spots of loose siding, and crawl up to the dark, warm attic, ideal for reproducing and making a home.

How Can I Tell If My Attic Has a Rat Problem?

The signs are fairly easy to spot if you spend a lot of time in or near your attic; scratching in the walls and ceilings, droppings in your attic, and chewed hoses and electrical wire. These can pose potential health risks and fire hazards in your home, so you’ll want to make sure you’re aware when rats have moved in.

The only sure way to know if there are rats in your attic, however, is by scheduling a professional inspection from Critter Control®, the pest in pest control services in the Cape Cod area.

Call the Professionals for Help

As many Cape Cod homeowners have learned from unfortunate experience, rats, even the larger ones, can squeeze into minuscule spaces. To ensure that you can remove these rodents from the property and keep them out, you need the proven sealant and extermination methods that only the professionals at Critter Control® Cape Cod can offer. To schedule your consultation, call us today at 508-760-0404.

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