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Squirrel Control

Though many people see squirrels as cute and harmless little furry creatures that benefit our soil and plants, the same can’t be said for what they do to our homes and businesses.

Once squirrels have found their way into your home or business, they often reside in tight spaces like attics or chimneys. They will display behavior similar to other rodents in that they will damage woodwork, wiring, ducting, and even metal pipes.

They also have a tendency to leave urine and droppings wherever they go. Critter Control® of Cape Cod is highly experienced with helping home and business owners get their squirrel control problems under control.

Squirrel Control Basicssquirrel

With a high population in Cape Cod, a lifespan of up to a decade, and the ability to produce 2 litters annually, squirrels pose a significant pest problem. The most effective way to prevent a squirrel infestation is to make your home or business unappealing to the rodents by sealing entrance points and cutting off easy food sources.

Home and business owners are often inclined to use traditional methods of trapping squirrels, but Critter Control® of Cape Cod understands that this isn’t the best way because of the risk of bites or disease.

Critter Control® of Cape Cod recommends taking the following action:

  • Repair any broken windows, torn screen enclosures, or any other openings in the building
  • Trim any overhanging tree branches as this gives squirrels an easy path onto your building
  • Remove any easily accessible pet food, this helps reduce the squirrel’s food source
  • Avoid using squirrel repellants, they are costly and generally ineffective

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