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Generally speaking, squirrels are not considered a serious threat to human health. After all, most of them have minimal interest in attacking humans, though exceptions to this rule are known to exist. However, squirrels are known to carry rabies, salmonellosis, and some species of parasites, which can become a greater threat to humans when these critters invade your home.

In addition, squirrels can cause a surprising amount of damage to building materials within a short period of time. Combined with their hoarding as well as their need for safe shelter during colder seasons, they can make a serious mess of your home or business if they are permitted to stay.

How Can You Keep Squirrels Out of Your Home?

Here are some suggestions that homeowners can use to keep squirrels out of their homes:

  • Squirrels prefer to nest in places that are high enough to be out-of-reach for most predators. As a result, homeowners should make sure that their trees are pruned so that squirrels can’t use one of their branches to reach their roof.
  • Homeowners need to make sure that small holes and other openings in roofs are sealed so that squirrels can’t make their way into attics and walls. Unfortunately, this is not a perfect solution because squirrels are known to create their own openings by chewing at vulnerable points in the construction, thus increasing repair and replacement costs during the removal and exclusion process.
  • Squirrels are interested in fallen nuts, seeds, and fruits, so it’s best to ensure there is neither sight nor scent of such foods on your properties. Some homeowners attempt to use natural repellents to deter squirrels, but such solutions can have mixed results.

Contact Critter Removal Professionals

Prevention is key to avoiding the high cost of repairs or health risks squirrels pose to you, your family, and your property if they invade. Animal removal and exclusion professionals, like those at Critter Control of Cape Cod, are trained to identify week points in your roof and potential opening that may enable pests to enter. Our professionals can strengthen vulnerable areas and repair potential entry points to keep the pests out.

If you attic has already been infested with squirrels, Critter Control professionals can remove the unwanted pests with humane and efficient techniques. Contact us today at 508-760-0404 to speak to our skilled and experienced animal control specialists.


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