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Rodents in the Attic

It’s not uncommon for rodents to invade your home; you may hear one in your walls or see it scurry across the kitchen. Common household rodents include mice, squirrels and rats. But if you’re letting these rodents get comfortable in your attic, you’re inviting danger into your home.

The most easily recognizable sign of a rodents in the attic is a skittering sound coming from your ceiling. Since there is generally less activity in attics, it’s a prime spot for rodents to take up residence. Additional warning signs of rodent infestations include droppings, chewed wires and damaged wood.

So exactly what makes rodents in your attic so dangerous?

  • They cause damage to valuable infrastructure, including wires which can cause electrical problems (and even fires) in your home.
  • They carry harmful diseases that can be transmitted to humans through direct contact with you or your food. Rats and mice often transmit disease by nibbling on food in your pantry, causing you to eat tainted food.
  • Even if rodents don’t come in contact with you or your food, some of the diseases they carry can be transmitted through the air.

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