Rodent Removal

Even if you think your home is sealed, rodents may be able to find their way in. It’s not uncommon to have a rat, mouse or squirrel invade your home. In fact, mice can slip into openings much smaller than an inch in diameter. Because of the damage rodents can cause to both you and your home, it’s important to call a rodent removal service as soon as possible.

Why Are They So Bad?

Just what makes rodents so harmful? For starters, they can cause damage to wood, wires, pipes, food and more. More importantly, rodents are filthy animals that often carry diseases like Hantavirus. And they don’t have to bite you to transmit those diseases; merely contaminating the air around them will put you at risk.

If rats or mice are hungry, they will seek out any source of food they can find in your home. Often, the easiest area for them to find is the pantry. If an infected rodent gets a nibble of your food before you do, there’s a good chance you could contract whatever disease(s) it’s carrying. In fact, rodents can even spread airborne diseases, meaning you can contract an illness without ever coming in contact with a rodent or the food it’s tainted.

We Can Help

Luckily, Critter Control® of Cape Cod has you covered. Our rodent removal experts have been serving Cape Cod and the surrounding areas for more than 15 years. We focus on getting the job done the right way — without harming your home, the environment, or the animals. We make sure all of our pest control specialists are properly trained in both pest control and customer service. To schedule a consultation, call us today at 508-760-0404.