Rodent Control

If you notice a foul urine smell, droppings, and teeth marks on your food containers, or any type of strange scratching sounds coming from your walls or ceiling, you may have a rodent infestation problem and should immediate action. The most effective way of ridding yourself of a rodent infestation is to make your home unwelcome to the nuisance animals.

Rodents are generally associated with rats and mice, but squirrels also fall into this pesky group of critters. Rodents may be found in Cape Cod commercial buildings and homes, and have adapted quite well to our lifestyle. mice

Having dealt with rodents for many years, Critter Control® of Cape Cod has had ample opportunity to expand and refine methods of rat removal and control, squirrel control, and other rodent control techniques. The wide variety of techniques that we have pioneered allow us the opportunity to prevent infestation and damage to homes and businesses.

While homeowners may experience a decent amount of success using various types of store-bought traps, the problem with them is that while it addresses the problem of the nuisance animal, it does nothing to address any damage, urine, or droppings left behind afterwards. In addition to that, your home is still left susceptible to another infestation because nothing has been done to seal entry points.

Critter Control® of Cape Cod is your total solution for everything rodent control. Our team of experts will sit down and formulate a comprehensive plan that works for your needs.

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