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It was once thought that the nickname of ‘bandit’ given to raccoons was only based on their cape cod raccoonappearance, but with the number of incidents involving raccoons entering homes and disrupting properties, that nickname has taken on more meaning. When these critters make their way into a home, the resulting damage can be severe. Knowing the signs of a raccoon infestation is important so that you can take action before your home or family suffers the consequences.


If you see raccoons traveling in packs, it likely means that there are young pups present, as raccoons are solitary creatures. If you’ve spotted any of these masked bandits on your property, check for the following signs to ensure they haven’t invaded your home.

  • Stained ceiling surfaces or walls from raccoon waste permeation in your attic
  • Strange behavior from pets, as they can often sense the presence of another animal long before you
  • Overturned garbage cans with trash strewn about your property
  • Thumps, squeals, or purrs coming from your attic

If you do spot raccoons around your home, be sure to keep entrances closed and tree branches trimmed away from your home, as these are both great ways to give raccoons access.

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We value you and your family’s safety above all else here at Critter Control® of Cape Cod, which is why we’ve worked to perfect a removal strategy that gets the offending raccoons out quickly while protecting you and your loved ones from danger. If you’ve found signs of raccoon activity on your property, call us today to schedule your consultation at 508-760-0404.


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