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Critter Control® of Cape Cod Urban wildlife control

Critter Control® of Cape Cod combines decades of experience in wildlife management services, (serving the Cape Cod area) with an unwavering commitment to customer service to resolve animal control issues in the Cape Cod area.

We understand that rats and bats tormenting vacationers are only a few of the many pest problems that plague our area. Luckily, Critter Control® of Cape Cod urban wildlife control engineers have comprehensive solutions to resolve these issues for our friends on the cape.

You probably want to limit your wildlife encounters to the zoo, the beach, or the aquarium. At Cape Cod pigeonthe very least, you want your home or business to be pest free. Unfortunately, squirrels, birds, bats and other nocturnal creatures aren’t concerned with your feelings..

If you’ve got rats, rodents, squirrels or other pests in your attic or wherever they don’t belong, let Critter Control® of Cape Cod come out remove these creatures for you.

Habitat modification and exclusion are but two of the invaluable services in our repertoire. You may not realize it, but brush and leaves left on your lawn or even a tree near your building can look like a welcome beacon to wildlife.

Critter Control® of Cape Cod will help you identify ways to discourage critters from moving in with you. Our humane trapping methods and safe handling practices and procedures guarantee that these animals are relocated safely to where they can do no harm.

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