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Opossum Removal

Opossums often look for food and shelter in residential neighborhoods because their natural environment Opossum Removal is growing smaller and smaller. Due to these critters timid nature and fear of humans, they will scurry their way through small holes in attics, under decks, and through screens to get into your house and settle into dark and dry spaces. As a result, opossum removal can be quite challenging.

Why Worry About Opossums?

Opossums are active at night, so you may not even realize you have a problem until it’s too late. You’ll wake up one day to find your garden trampled and any food growing devoured. Unfortunately, this is not their only threat. These critters can also carry diseases such as tuberculosis or host ticks and lice. Curious pets or children who find the creature may corner it, trying to play. Although docile in nature, when provoked or feeling threatened, opossums can become aggressive and attack.

What to Do?

The best way to avoid an infestation is through prevention. You can help keep opossums out of your home by:

  • Keeping trash inside or in an animal-proof trash can.
  • Feeding pets indoors.
  • Keeping your yard brightly lit at night.

Unfortunately, these methods won’t help you get rid of an immediate invasion. If you spot opossums on your property, notice pet food is disappearing, hear noises in your walls or attic at night, or smell something unpleasant permeating through your home, you may already have a problem.

We Can Help

Critter Control® of Cape Cod works tirelessly to make sure your family and property are safe from pests like these. To avoid harm or health concerns, it’s critical you call the experts to schedule a consultation at 508-760-0404 if you think you have a critter problem. Our professionals will make sure to keep you safe during the opossum removal process and work to keep the animals from returning.


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