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Opossums, also often called possums, are furry creatures that tend to be shy in nature, but have been cape cod possumknown to infiltrate sheds, garages, and even homes in an effort to find the perfect place to nest. The term ‘playing possum’ stems from the opossum’s tendency to play dead if they feel threatened, but they may attempt to defend themselves if you try to pick them up or they are guarding their young.

Are They Dangerous?

An opossum’s natural habitat does not include the urban areas in which they are often found, but due to urban sprawl and shrinking woodland areas, opossums have become comfortable around humans, which has led them to use our homes and buildings to their advantage. Much like raccoons, these critters will scavenge through your yard and any open garbage containers they can access, potentially leaving messes and destruction in their wake.

Even when opossums make their way onto your property, they typically will avoid areas with high human traffic, opting instead to make their nests in attics or crawlspaces where they are better hidden. In addition to the danger they pose to your property, opossums are also known to carry tuberculosis, which can be dangerous or even deadly in some cases.

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