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Mice Removal

How You Can Tell You Have a Mouse Problem

Catching sight of mice is the best proof of their presence, but since they tend to be sneaky little critters, cape cod mice removalthis is not the most reliable method for detecting an issue. Instead, you should check for signs of a mice infestation, with typical examples ranging from food debris to mouse pellets.

Sometimes, you will be able to tell you have a mouse problem because of scratching sounds coming from your ceilings and walls during the night. Other times, you will be able to see debris on the routes that mice use to travel with the most visible locations being the entrances to their nests.

Once you have confirmed the presence of mice in your home, you should contact Critter Control of Cape Cod as soon as possible for professional assistance with removing them and preventing them from returning.

Why You Should Be Worried About Mice

Mice pose little physical threat to humans but are considered to be a serious nuisance because they carry diseases such as Hantavirus, typhus, salmonella, Lyme disease, and even the plague. Even worse, mice have terrible hygiene, meaning that they defecate and urinate throughout their surroundings, thus increasing the chances of those diseases spreading to your family and pets. Of course, even without considering their potential to carry disease, it goes without saying that most people will find their presence more than a little disgusting.

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For the right results, please contact Critter Control of Cape Code at 508.690.0076 for the expertise and experience needed to combat mice and other pest infestations in the most efficient manner. We will find, trap, and remove the mice from your home. We will also help clean up any mess left by the mice as well as install animal proof screens in your attic for an additional cost, which will help keep the rodents from returning. Contact us today for all of your pest and wildlife removal needs.


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