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Bat Removal

Bats are much more common throughout the United States than people may think, and professional bat removal services are the best option to eliminate the pests humanely and safely. For the most part, bats prefer larger spaces such as caves and old mining developments for their homes, but human homes are becoming more appealing as those other options disappear.

The Dangers of Bats

Bats carry a disease, including rabies, which can be fatal to humans. Traditionally, bats do not attack humans, but if you try to remove the bat on your own, it may react defensively. If a bat scratches or bites you, you are susceptible to any disease it is carrying.

Bats can also contaminate your home with their droppings, known as guano. When bats find a good roosting spot, there will be a build-up of guano and urine under that spot which can cause a strong odor, attract bugs, and carry the disease histoplasmosis, which can be deadly to humans. If bats decide to make your house their home, they could build a nest and breed, increasing their count to hundreds.

Contact Professionals for Your Bat Removal Needs

The most common area of your home for bats to infiltrate is your attic. You need to act quickly when you notice bats flying around your home or hear them in your attic to protect yourself and your family. However, bat removal is a job best left to professionals.

Critter Control of Cape Cod has decades of experience removing bats and other unwanted critter from our home safely and efficiently. If you have believe you have bats, contact one of our animal removal experts immediately to resolve the issue and ensure pests do not return.


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