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How Bats May Enter Your Home

Sometimes, bats enter homes through open doors and windows. Other times, bats squeeze through small openings in the the roofs, which tend to be difficult for homeowners to discover until after the bats have settled in, already having made a huge mess.

Bats Are Dangerous To Your Health

Some bats are capable of transmitting rabies to both humans and pets. However, the bigger threat is the bat guano that will pile up over time, which will not just cause severe odor and health problems but also attract other pests. As a result, homeowners who notice bats in their homes should contact a wildlife management specialist to remove them as soon as possible.

How to Remove the Bats

People have been known to attempt to catch bats on their own, but without the proper expertise, experience, and equipment, this tends to be a poor idea. After all, even something as simple as a careless movement from a human can result in serious injuries to a bat. Instead, the best solution to bats roosting in the home is to call wildlife management specialists who have the right tools needed to remove them in a safe, humane manner.

Contact the Professionals

Interested in learning more about bats as well as how they end up in homes and how you can prevent it from happening to yours? Please contact Critter Control of Cape Cod at 508.690.0076 to set up a home inspection with a skilled professional who has the experience to help protect your home from bats and any other pest and animal problems you may have.


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