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An armadillo problem may start out as only a nuisance- waking up to a messy yard may not be pleasant, Cape Cod Armadillobut it isn’t necessarily something to write home about either. If you allow it to continue though, there can be serious implications for your home and property making armadillo removal crucial.

Because of their poor eyesight, armadillos can cause a fair amount of damage looking for food. When they take root in your yard, they will sniff around and dig until they find something they can eat. It is important that you call a professional if you find holes underneath your house or patio for two reasons:

  1. Armadillos may be in the burrows or used the holes to hide out under your house. Filling in the holes, before a professional has been able to check for the critters, will trap any left and leave them to die. You’ll know this has happened when a putrid odor fills your house and you have to dig the hole back out again to remove the carcasses.
  2. Holes under your house can cause costly structural damage to the foundation.


Armadillos are small to medium-sized mammals that wear a hard, leathery shell. You’ve probably seen these guys on the side of the road once or twice as cars are their main killers. There are about 20 varieties of armadillo, but the nine-banded armadillo is the only one you’ll see in the U.S. The other 19 varieties keep to the warm climate of Latin America. Contrary to popular belief, most armadillos are not able to curl up into a ball at the sight of predators. Rather, they can jump straight into the air and sprint short distances to find cover from harm. Though they are primarily nocturnal and solitary, they do come together to mate at least once a year. The offspring are almost always identical quadruplets, and their soft shells make them particularly vulnerable to predators.

Their diet mainly consists of insects that they find by burrowing their snout into the soil. Their incredibly low body temperature makes them a perfect host for a variety of bacteria and fungi associated with human diseases including leprosy, making it even more important that you let a professional handle these guys.

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Armadillo removal is not an easy task due to their timid nature, but Critter Control® of Cape Cod can help. Our control specialists are experts in armadillo behavior patterns and know just how to take control of your wildlife problem. Give us a call today at 508-690-0076 for your fast estimate!


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