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Protect Your Home

Chimneys represent the single largest opening in your home. Birds, squirrels and raccoons will nest in unprotected chimneys. We can protect your home with professionally installed chimney caps.
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Soffits, Eaves and Dormer Gaps
These locations provide easy entrance points for birds, bats, mice, rats, squirrels and raccoons. Let us inspect your home for these entrance gaps and seal them tight, to protect your home against unwanted wildlife.
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Doors and Windows
Improperly fitted or damaged door sills provide easy entrance for mice, rats, snakes and other small critters. Gaps along windows also can allow entry and bats love to nest behind shutters. Let us find and fix these entrance points in your home.
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Lawns and Gardens
Raccoons, armadillos, skunks and moles are all notorious for damaging lawns, while looking for grubs and other insects in your soil. While we can’t prevent them from doing so, we can get rid of them while they’re in the act, preventing further damage. Just be sure to call us at the first sign of damage.
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Dormer and Gable Vents
These vents are favorites for bats, birds, squirrels and raccoons. Bats will rest behind the slats. Birds will build nests in them and raccoons and squirrels will simply push through the slats, through the thin screen behind them, and enter your attic. Let us secure these for you.
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Bathroom / Dryer / Range Hood
Birds, squirrels, bats and even snakes are frequently found in these vents. Let us install vent covers to keep these critters out.
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Decks and Porches
Decks and porches provide protection from the elements for wildlife like raccoons, woodchucks (a.k.a groundhogs), skunks, opossums, armadillos and even cats. We can install barriers that will keep all wildlife out from under these areas.
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Attic Vents
A flimsy piece of screen in most attic vents is all that stands between your attic and marauding wildlife, like squirrels and rats. Birds will build nests in these and raccoons frequently pop these right off your roof to gain access to your home. Let us protect your home from invasion with Roof Vent Guards.
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Infamous Critters This Season

Welcome to Critter Control® of Cape Cod

Cape Cod Wildlife Management

The presence of animals and pests in your home and on your property can pose a variety of problems for your family and yourself. Rats, mice and squirrels can chew on electrical wires and create fire hazards, chipmunks can build tunnels throughout your lawn that cause your yard to smell, and raccoons and other pesky critters can endanger pets and family members, as well as cause a nuisance in your trash.

If you think you have a problem with unwelcome guests living in your home or on your property, you need thorough animal removal services that you can rely on. Critter Control offers customers in Cape Cod, MA the peace of mind that comes with knowing you don’t have an unseen pest situation in your home.

Critter Control in Cape Cod

Animals that infest your property can threaten your home or business’s structural integrity, and the health of your family or your employees. Not only can bats, rodents and other animals chew away at the foundation of important structures, many animals carry diseases, making it that much more crucial that you receive a dependable animal removal service when you need it.

Critter Control doesn’t just work tirelessly to rid your property of pests, our team uses decades of experience serving the Cape Cod region to ensure that we handle the field of wildlife management as responsibly as possible. The traps we use on your property are minimally-invasive, meaning that we pose no threat to the health or the safety of your family or yourself.

We’ll locate the source of an infestation humanely, effectively trap and remove the animal culprit(s), and seal the entry points, helping to keep these unsettling experiences from occurring again in the future.

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When you need the best animal removal and wildlife control services available in the Cape Cod area, Critter Control is the only company you can count on. Call 508-760-0404 today to schedule a consultation.

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